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Lawsuit Funding California

If you have a pending lawsuit in the state of California and are thinking about pre settlement lawsuit funding, contact E Lawsuit Loans for California lawsuit funding.  California Lawsuit Loans are obtained by applying for a lawsuit cash advance.  All of our California lawsuit loans or lawsuit cash advance services are provided on a non-recourse basis, meaning if you don’t win or settle your case you owe us nothing. We are truly leading the way in “No Risk” financing.  If you lose your lawsuit the money is simply yours to keep with no further obligations.  California Lawsuit Funding assists plaintiffs throughout the state of California who are facing financial difficulties while waiting for their lawsuit to settle. You may qualify for a lawsuit cash advance of $500 and up to $100,000+ regardless of your credit or work history.


California Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Loans California

Pre settlement lawsuit funding in California is used by plaintiffs who need money before a settlement or verdict is reached. This means that at any phase of your lawsuit you can obtain the California Lawsuit Loan you need in the state of California from E Lawsuit Loans.  We offer personal injury lawsuit funding and commercial litigation lawsuit funding so you can obtain the lawsuit cash advance in California in under 24 hours.

This might be the first time you are involved in a personal injury claim and you may not be aware of the lengthy litigation process involved in a personal injury lawsuit in the state of California. It may take months if not years for you to receive compensation for your injuries. A common practice used by insurance companies is to prolong your lawsuit to force you into accepting a lower settlement offer knowing you may not have the financial means to provide for yourself and your family while waiting for your case to settle.  Don’t let this happen to you.  California Lawsuit Funding can help you now so you don’t have to wait. E Lawsuit Loans is here to offer fast and easy California Lawsuit Loans that advances cash to give you and your attorney the negotiation power to maximize your lawsuit settlement. Obtaining California lawsuit loans is easy, just apply and leave the rest up to us.


California Lawsuit Funding Advantages

There’s no restriction on how you spend your lawsuit cash advance. Some of our plaintiffs in California used their money to:

  • Pay off debt and catch up on bills
  • Avoid foreclosure and eviction
  • Cover medical expenses
  • Buy a new car
  • Place a down payment on a new home
  • Pay for college


Apply For California Lawsuit Funding

If you have a lawsuit in California and are considering a lawsuit cash advance, E Lawsuit Loans is your solution for California lawsuit funding. We offer plaintiffs in California who have financial difficulties cash advances and settlement funding at competitive rates with absolutely no hidden fees. E Lawsuit Loans also specializes in the purchase of structured settlement and annuity payments. If you can no longer wait for your case to setttle, then take the first step by calling us or by filling out our fast and easy California lawsuit funding application. With E Lawsuit Loans you could have the cash you need in less than 24 hours. Call E Lawsuit Loans today and get lawsuit money you need by tomorrow.


Our Lawsuit Cash Advance Services

You can see all the Types Of Cases We Fund and the experience we have in funding each type of case. Our services include Pre Settlement Funding, Litigation Funding, Settlement Loans, and Structured Settlement Funding.Lawsuit Cash Advance Services