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Many clients wonder what the repayment terms are for a lawsuit cash advance. We pride ourselves in having some of the lowest fees in the legal financing industry. To determine this, we will look at not only the injuries in question but the case in its entirety. If you are not fully satisfied with our services, there is absolutely no obligation to continue.

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Our cash advance will assist you in obtaining the legal financing you need, without the hassle of waiting for a payout from your legal settlement. The advance funding offered by E Lawsuit Loans enables many who are pressed with a financial burden to obtain the cash they need in order to catch up on bills, make payments, or any purpose desired. How you spend the lawsuit advance is completely up to you. Instead of waiting for your case to settle, each settlement advance is usually made within 24-48 hours of application.

 Advance Funding With No Recourse

There is a major difference between a typical bank loan and a lawsuit cash advance. Primarily a bank loan must be repaid regardless of the outcome while it incurs interest. The lawsuit funding we offer is completely different than a loan. All our cash advances are with no-recourse; meaning if you lose your case, there is no obligation to repay the advance.

 Lawsuit Cash Advance Application

When it comes to our lawsuit funding solutions, an approval for a lawsuit cash advance can be determined within 24-48 hours. Our team of experienced underwriters are here to help you determine the right choice to help you with your financial needs. Why wait? Apply online or contact us today to get approved.

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Lawsuit Cash Advance Services

You can see all the Types Of Cases We Fund and the experience we have in funding each type of case. Our services include Pre Settlement Funding, Litigation Funding, Settlement Loans, and Structured Settlement Funding.

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